Saturday, Apr 17, 2021
Focus on the big picture

High-risk news coverage: Reporting the crackdown in Myanmar | The Listening Post

Al Jazeera, 20 Mar 2021
As military leaders ban independent media and arrest reporters, citizen journalists become an information lifeline in Myanmar.


Swe Win - Editor-in-chief, Myanmar Now

Aye Chan Naing - Chief editor, Democratic Voice of Burma

Wai Hnin Pwint Thon - The Burma Campaign UK

Wai Wai Nu - Human rights activist; founder, Women's Peace Network

On our radar

In Russia, opposition figure Alexey Navalney is locked up in prison. Producer Tariq Nafi talks to Richard Gizbert about how the part-politician, part-journalist is still managing to get the word out.

The 'anti-woke' challengers looking to disrupt UK broadcast media

To the right? Britain braces for two new broadcasters who are out to rebalance TV news.


Robin Aitken - Former BBC reporter; author, Can We Trust the BBC?

Martin Fletcher - Former foreign editor, The Times

Stewart Purvis - Former chief executive and editor-in-chief, ITN; former content and standards partner, Ofcom

Ash Sarkar -  Contributing editor, Novara Media

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