Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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Atlanta spa shootings: Protests held across US against anti-Asian hate

CA, 21 Mar 2021
Protests were held across the U.S. on Saturday with thousands gathering to condemn attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, just days after a shooting rampage in Atlanta, Georgia that left eight people dead, of which six were Asian women.

From Georgia to Pennsylvania to New York and numerous other states, people marched and spoke out against the rising surge of hate crimes that have been seen in the country. According to Stop AAPI-Hate, the U.S. saw nearly 3,800 incidents targeting Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders over the past year.

"They were mothers. They were workers. They left breathing children behind," Georgia State Rep. Bee Nguyen said at one of the demonstrations outside the state capitol, speaking of the women who were killed Tuesday.

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