Thursday, Apr 15, 2021
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Australia declares natural disaster over torrential floods

DW, 21 Mar 2021
Authorities in Australia have declared a natural disaster after torrential rains caused some of the worst flooding in decades. People were evacuated from near Sydney as more than 30 centimeters of rain fell on the area in just over a day. Emergency services are warning of a life-threatening situation.
Much of the state has been affected by dangerous flash flooding. It's causing widespread damage and is threatening lives.
Emergency services in New South Wales have appealed to people not to drive through the flood waters.
Record rains have hit most of the state. Some areas are reporting the worst flooding in half a century, and the downpours show no signs of abating.
The government is offering financial assistance to people affected by the floods. Meteorologists are warning that this extreme weather is set to continue for several days.


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