Thursday, Apr 15, 2021
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Rescues, evacuations continue as Australia experiences worst flooding in decades

CA, 24 Mar 2021
Australian rescue staff helped marooned people and their pets, while authorities issued new flood warnings as torrential rains again lashed several parts of the country, sweeping away homes, roads, and livestock in the worst downpour in more than half a century.

A pet emu was rescued in Sydney's northwest on Tuesday after rising floodwater spooked the bird into fleeing and stranding itself across an inundated paddock.

Meanwhile, drone footage captured a quick-thinking skipper who saved a fleet of luxury houseboats from being damaged by a shipping container that floated down the swollen Hawkesbury River, on Monday.

The floods are affecting around 10 million people in the country of 25 million, across an area the size of Alaska.

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