Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021
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California's amusement parks - the new go-to for some peace and quiet

RT, 23 Mar 2021
Californian theme parks are set to be quiet this #summer, not because no one will be there, but because they’re opening on the condition that roller coaster riders can’t scream.⁣

New #coronavirus mitigation guidelines could see the rule come into effect to stop screamers projecting their potentially potent particles on other riders. The #California Attractions and Parks Association came up with the plan, which takes into account the Golden State’s business reopening guidelines, including limiting activities such as singing and shouting. Sounds like California’s the place to be if you want a bit of peace and quiet.⁣

Amusement parks like #Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Six Flags could open at limited capacity under the proposal, and face coverings would be mandatory. So if you wanna go faster, you’ll just have to accept the going speed.

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