Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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Shocking near-miss after elephant charges man who entered enclosure with 2-year-old daughter

CA, 22 Mar 2021
WARNING: Video contains graphic images of child endangerment not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

A father has been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment after he carried his 2-year-old daughter into the elephant habitat at the San Diego Zoo to take a photograph with the animals.

Zoo officials said the man bypassed multiple barriers and "purposely and illegally trespassed" into a habitat for Asian and African elephants Friday afternoon.

Witnesses said the elephant came within seconds of making contact with the two.

The elephant was not harmed, and the man was able to get his daughter out of the habitat safely.

The father, 25-year-old Jose Manuel Navarrete, is being held in jail on $100,000 bail.

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