Thursday, Apr 15, 2021
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Has the UN peacekeeping mission in DR Congo failed?

DW, 23 Mar 2021
For nearly three decades Eastern Congo has been marred by insecurity with frequent outbreaks of violence caused by armed groups. Last year more than 2,000 civilians were killed in attacks by these rebels. The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the UN's largest peacekeeping mission yet a violent insurgency in the country shows no signs of abating. There are said to be over 100 armed groups in the region and experts say the deadliest among them is the Islamist group ADF - short for Allied Democratic Forces.
The UN's MONUSCO mission which has been on the ground since 2010 has deployed over 17,000 peacekeeping troops in the region but as our DW team found, the mission has not brought peace or security to people there.


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