Sunday, Dec 04, 2022
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Fiona makes landfall in Eastern Canada, leaving path of destruction

CA, 24 Sep 2022
Post-tropical storm Fiona made landfall early Saturday morning, bringing severe wind, downing trees and leaving hundreds of thousands without power across eastern Canada.

Winds have been persistent since late last night, at times gusting 130 to over 140 kilometres per hour. The bay, which is normally rather calm, was nothing but waves this morning and was whipping up sea spray, as the winds and heavier rain picked up once again. Every so often, a power flash can be seen amid lighting strikes.

The damage is extensive, with much of Nova Scotia without power. Electricity is out and crews are waiting for the winds to die down before they can start repairs.

The storm is not finished yet, with winds of Fiona slowly subsiding and weakening, eventually moving through Newfoundland and Labrador — but still reaching speeds of over 100 km throughout the day.

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