Thursday, Nov 26, 2020
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Rebuilding Beirut: Can Lebanon's capital make a fresh start?

FRANCE24, 02 Oct 2020
As the French Red Cross spearheads a United for Lebanon fund drive, The France 24 Debate goes to Beirut two months after the chemical blast at the port that's still got the capital reeling.

Gallagher Fenwick’s panel describes how ordinary citizens have too often been left to pick up the pieces on their own. The nation now demands accountability from the same leaders who’ve been power-sharing since the end of the civil war.

Two months since the Beirut explosion. It is a special day of solidarity between France and Lebanon. France 24 partnered up with an exceptional concert at Paris Olympia concert hall. Headliners are hoping to raise funds and awareness about the plight of the Lebanese people.

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