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'Show us your tax returns': Joe Biden hits out at Donald Trump in first presidential debate

Telegraph, 30 Sep 2020
Moderator Chris Wallace asked Mr Trump about a new report suggesting the president paid just $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017, to which Mr Biden interrupted with calls of "show us your tax returns".

"He pays less tax than a school teacher," Mr Biden said, describing how he would scrap the tax cuts that Mr Trump introduced during his first term.

Joe Biden's tax returns were published on Tuesday, hours before the first presidential debate - in which Donald Trump's failure to pay federal taxes will loom large.

Mr Biden, 77, paid nearly $300,000 in federal taxes for 2019.

He and his wife, Jill, a teacher, reported receiving $985,233 in adjusted gross income for the year.

Until Mr Trump's presidency, it was routine for presidents and candidates to disclose their tax returns annually - but the New York billionaire argued that he was being audited, and that prevented the release of his returns. The tax authorities disputed this, but the story held.

On Sunday the New York Times obtained his federal returns, which the paper said showed that in 2016 and 2017 he only paid $750.

He avoided federal income taxes entirely for 10 of the last 15 years, the report claims.

Mr Trump called the report "fake news". 

All presidents except Trump have publicly released their taxes since the presidency of Richard Nixon.

Trump has said since 2016 that he would eventually release them. But when asked by moderator Chris Wallace when, he said only: “You’ll get to see it.”

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