Thursday, Dec 03, 2020
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The Official 1665 Great Plague of London health advice - look familiar? | PollyBites

RT, 01 Oct 2020
There's no doubt that 'UNPRECEDENTED' is the word of 2020. We've been bombarded with people telling us how 'unprecedented' the situation is, mainly by politicians trying to justify their f**k-ups. But while the spread of Covid-19 was morphing into a worldwide pandemic in March, did we forget that we've already been there and got the deadly virus t-shirt? The Official Great Plague of London health pamphlet is a reminder that we've been here before. And that, after nearly 400 years, we probably should have nailed our epidemic response by now.
Polly Boiko looks at how it's not just the restrictive measures that are uncanny, but people's response to them...

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