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Meet the Olympians: Nigerian cross-country skier shares his passion for skiing before Beijing 2022

CGTN, 09 Jan 2022
With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics just around the corner, CGTN is inviting Olympians to join our special show "The Chat Room - Meet the Olympians" and share their love of winter sports.Nigerian cross-country skier Samuel Ikpefan joins the first episode and talks about his experience as an athlete representing Nigeria in FIS races, his efforts to promote skiing in Nigeria, and his expectations for Beijing 2022.Samuel Ikpefan is the first-ever skiing athlete from the tropical country of Nigeria to join the Winter Olympics. Due to the lack of financing, he has been raising funds on the internet to get to professional races and aim for both the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and the Games for the next four years, the Milan Cortina 2026.
Despite all these economic inconveniences, he's been taking part in different professional races and getting points and high-ranked grades in FIS competitions. Starring today, CGTN's special series of "The Chat Room - Meet the Olympians" take a sneak peek at how Samuel Ikpefan trains himself and his focus on seizing medals in the upcoming Winter Olympics. #Beijing2022 #TheChatRoom
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