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Novak Djokovic returns to the tennis court after visa victory

Telegraph, 11 Jan 2022
Novak Djokovic has returned to the tennis court in Melbourne after a court victory saw his released form detention.

The men's world number one returned to practice after a judge overturned the cancellation of his visa for not having a Covid vaccination, ordering his immediate release from immigration detention.

Lawyers for the player had said he qualified for a medical exemption because he had tested positive for infection last month.

The judge said Djokovic could not have done any more to demonstrate his right to enter the country as an unvaccinated foreign national.

Hours after the stunning ruling, police used pepper spray when clashing with Djokovic supporters outside his lawyer's office.

Read the full story here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/01/10/novak-djokovics-mother-says-australian-authorities-tortured/

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