Sunday, Aug 14, 2022
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COVID-19: French health workers protest in call for better working conditions worsened by pandemic

CA, 12 Jan 2022
Hundreds of French health-care workers took to the streets of Paris on Tuesday to call for better working conditions that they say have been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, including a push for better wages and new hires.

Several workers said people are leaving the profession due to conditions in hospitals and health-care facilities, with some saying while the pandemic has had an impact, it's not just COVID-19 that is the cause.

"We want to shout out our anger about our suffering in the hospitals," said CGT union representative Patrick Gaudin, who also works as a nurse. "It is COVID-related obviously, but also linked to the policies of the last 15 years."

The union asked for an audience with Prime Minister Jean Castex or President Emmanuel Macron, but had not received an answer as of Tuesday.

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