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In full: Sir Keir Starmer sets out Labour's vision for the New Year

Telegraph, 04 Jan 2022
Sir Keir Starmer set out the Labour Party's vision for the New Year during a speech in Birmingham this morning.

He started his speech by saying he wants to "describe a Government that might be worthy of you".

"Our instinct in a national crisis is to give the Government the benefit of the doubt, and because the pandemic posed an unprecedented national emergency, we as Opposition were happy to do the same."

"But the British people do not like being taken for granted, and they do not like being treated as fools. A Government that refuses to follow the rules it sets for the rest of us loses the right to set those rules."

Sir Keir said that Britain has entered as a "new phase" in which the Government has "revealed itself to be unworthy of your trust" amid the cost of living crisis and tax rises in April.

"I want to start the new year by making a pledge of straight leadership. Today I want to introduce my contract with the British people."

Starmer said his contract with the British people will be based on "security, prosperity and respect".

He revealed plans to hold a series of events around the country in which he will aim to persuade people to sign up.

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