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Omicron variant on the decline in South Africa

DW, 05 Jan 2022
In South Africa, it seems as if the omicron wave may be on the way out -- without the feared surge in hospitalizations and deaths. Officials say there is still reason to be cautious, but they have loosened coronavirus restrictions as case numbers drop.

It was just over six weeks ago, November 24th, when the world's first case of Omicron was announced. Then, New cases shot up, peaking at some 127,000 in the middle of December.

Daily infection cases then fell by roughly a third in the week ending on Christmas Day, and they have fallen dramatically since.

Just ahead of New Year's Eve, the South African government lifted a late-night curfew. Social distancing and mask mandates are still in place, though. And officials say Omicron is still a threat.


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