Monday, Jan 24, 2022
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Anniversary of Capitol attack: What challenges is our world facing in 2022?

DW, 06 Jan 2022
The world's most powerful democracy prepares to mark one of its darkest moments, the January 6th 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

The videos of a pro-Trump mob rioting on Capitol Hill, attacking Capitol police and then ransacking parts of the US Capitol building are singed into the world's collective memory.
It was the closing act of an unprecedented attempt by a sitting president and his supporters to overthrow the results of a national election. Almost one year later, a majority of Americans say the insurrection was extremely violent and that something similar will most likely happen again. Yet, less than half of Republicans say the attack was violent. It comes as Donald Trump and his supporters continue to downplay the riot as a minor civil disturbance, refusing to admit the truth -- that January 6th, 2021 was a near-death experience for American democracy.


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