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Global National: Jan. 5, 2022 | Ottawa promises 140 million rapid tests in weeks amid high demand

CA, 06 Jan 2022
With many Canadians struggling to find COVID-19 rapid tests amid the Omicron surge, Ottawa now says it will distribute 140 million kits by the end of the month. As Abigail Bimman reports, critics are still waiting for a more consistent and standardized response to the crisis across the country.

And with cases rising, Ontario is ramping up restrictions, triggering fears retailers, restaurants, pubs and bars will again see profits plummet. Mike Drolet looks at the toll this is taking on business owners barely keeping their doors open.

Meanwhile, a group of Sunwing passengers has prompted multiple federal investigations, after it was caught on video partying on a chartered flight to Cancun, breaking every pandemic rule in the book. Mike Armstrong has reaction from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and explains how the rowdy travellers now have problems getting home.

In the United States, the investigation into the Jan.6, 2021 attack on the Capitol is ramping up, with Attorney General Merrick Garland vowing to hold the instigators accountable. And as Jackson Proskow reports, the House committee looking into the riot wants to hear from Fox News Host Sean Hannity.

Plus, a state of emergency has been declared in Kazakhstan and its entire government has quit. Redmond Shannon explains how violent protests over gas prices fuelled the turmoil and the doubts calm can be restored.

Also, pets may help people feel less lonely, but don't expect Pope Francis to throw them a bone. The pontiff is pontificating on parenthood, saying people who choose to have pets instead of children are "selfish" and diminish our humanity. The University of Manitoba's Susan Prentice says the Pope's comments are ironic, considering he doesn't have children himself. Eric Sorensen looks at how the comments have struck a nerve.

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