Friday, May 27, 2022
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Global National: Jan. 26, 2022 | Supply chain misinformation follows Ottawa-bound “Freedom Convoy”

CA, 27 Jan 2022
On this episode of Global National: The “Freedom Convoy” heading to Ottawa and its supporters are claiming COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Canadian truckers are straining the country's supply chain, creating a food shortage crisis. But are those restrictions really causing empty shelves in grocery stores? David Akin breaks down what's fact and fiction over the convoy's grievances.

Meanwhile, as tensions keep rising over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States and allies have delivered written responses to Russia, which demand guarantees that Ukraine and Georgia never be allowed to join NATO. But as Jackson Proskow reports, the U.S. is offering no major concessions, as hopes for a diplomatic solution wane.

And with the Russian military threat looming over Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov is urging world leaders to continue sending more military aid to repel a potential invasion. In an exclusive Global News interview, Crystal Goomansingh speaks with Danilov on the underlying threats concerning him.

Also, how is the crisis over Ukraine unfolding through the lens of Russia's propaganda machine and state-controlled media? Jeff Semple looks at how the Kremlin is using the national mood and misinformation to control the narrative.

Plus, New Brunswick Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola, who says he was wrongly accused of causing a COVID-19 outbreak that killed two people, is suing the New Brunswick government, the RCMP, as well as Facebook, for allegedly allowing hateful messages to circulate. Ross Lord explores the implications of Ngola's lawsuit for the social media giant.

And the future of cars is going wheels up in Slovakia, as the country approves the operation of the flying AirCar, allowing it to drive on roads and soar over the country's skies. Mike Drolet looks at the sky-high innovation and why it's just one of many new futuristic vehicles in a race to change your commute.

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