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Hong Kong Legislator: 'There is no rollback of freedom' | Conflict Zone

DW, 27 Jan 2022
This week on Conflict Zone, we talk for a second time to Regina Ip, long-time lawmaker in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, and head of the pro-Beijing New People’s Party.
“Hong Kong is being re-unified with China under the kind of repressive rule that tolerates no dissent. You happy with that,|” Tim Sebastian asks Regina Ip
“There is no rollback of freedoms. Our freedoms are well protected under the Basic Law,” she replied.
The biggest symbol of resistance in Hong Kong, the June 4th vigils recalling the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, have now effectively been shut down. Last year Beijing had enough, HK police closed organizers, froze their assets and arrested their leaders.
Since Beijing imposed a national security law on the territory, electoral reforms have excluded most opposition candidates from elections to the Hong Kong’s Legislative Council and pro-democracy publications have been shuttered.
What is the future for Hong Kong under China now? What happened to One Country-Two Systems?
00:00 Intro
01:30 Is "One Country-Two Systems" still preserving HK lifestyle?
03:00 "There is no rollback of freedom."
06:00 Anti-China activists or China critics?
10:00 New electoral rules for HK Legislative Council
15:30 Media crackdown? "Apple Daily is not an independent newspaper."
19:50 One Country-Two Systems is a unification project
21:05 Why are the leaders of the CCP so insecure?
22:40 Tiananmen square memorials removed from Hong Kong
25:33 Credits


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