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'This is so sad': Japanese reveal anger and disappointment at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Telegraph, 22 Jul 2021
Japanese residents and ticket-holders have expressed their disappointment and frustration at the decision to go ahead with the Olympics without spectators.

One ticket-holder said he was "was extremely looking forward to seeing the Olympics hosted in my home country as it'd be my last during my lifetime."

The decision to have no spectators was very disappointing", he added.

Others were angered at the fact the Olympic games were going ahead at all.
Around two dozen protesters marched in a residential suburb of Tokyo on Thursday calling for the Olympic Games to be cancelled.

One protester said "Japan is in this terrible situation so even if foreign (athletes) come to Japan, they might infected with the coronavirus, might become a serious case, might even die. So I don't think they should come."

Read the full story here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/07/22/embarrassed-reluctant-fearful-japanese-really-feel-covid-olympics/

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