Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
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Chopper's Politics Podcast: Is it fair for politicians to tell us to be more green?

Telegraph, 30 Jul 2021
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Allegra Stratton, the PM's spokesperson for the COP26 climate summit, caused a stir this week by suggesting we shouldn't pre-wash our dishes in order to help the environment. She joins Christopher Hope to discuss other steps we can all be taking to be more green and why in this time of extreme weather events that is so important. Plus she discusses her job that never was as Boris Johnson's Press Secretary, and answers what would have been Chris' killer first question: would you ever lie for the Prime Minister?

Also on the show, Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie on why the Tories seem to be shying away from Thatcherism, and the Telegraph's own Science Editor Sarah Knapton on whether we really will be out of the pandemic by October.

Read: 'What happened to Thatcher’s market reforms?' by Tim Montgomerie here: https://reaction.life/what-happened-to-thatchers-market-reforms/

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