Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Trudeau tells off protesters: "Isn't there a hospital you should be going to bother right now?"

CA, 14 Sep 2021
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Monday appeared to taunt angry protesters who attempted to drown out a planned interview in British Columbia, by asking them if there was “a hospital you should be going to bother right now?”

Trudeau was preparing to sit down with Global BC’s Neetu Garcha outside the broadcaster’s Burnaby, B.C., station as he continues his election campaign, but protesters blared loud music and shouted obscenities from across the parking lot.

At one point, while the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” played through loudspeakers on a cart, one protester called Trudeau a communist and made derogatory comments about Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

The interview was later moved inside after discussions between Trudeau and his staff, Global News staff and the RCMP.

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