Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Canada election: Which party has the most confident voters?

CA, 07 Sep 2021
It's only two weeks until election day and as it draws closer, more voters are beginning to solidify their decisions on who they will support, but according to polling done exclusively for Global News by Ipsos, that number so far sits at 46 per cent.

The Liberals and Conservatives are tied in terms of supporters with 49 per cent having cemented their support for each party. The NDP and Bloc Québécois are slightly lower in terms of having voters that likely won't swap their vote when they head to the polls, with the Green Party's supporters the least confident in their choice.

But the NDP also has the most room for growth, with polling showing 22 per cent of those who indicated a first-choice party saying they would consider voting for the NDP.

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