Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Taliban open fire on protesters marching against Pakistan

RT, 07 Sep 2021
Trigger-happy Taliban militants made it rain with bullets at a protest against the Islamist group and its perceived ally, Pakistan.

Thousands marched through the streets of Kabul chanting slogans against Pakistan and the Taliban, such as ‘Death to Pakistan’ and ‘Death to ISI.’

Many of the protesters believe Pakistan played a role in the Taliban’s capture of Panjshir, as the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI made a surprise visit to Kabul at the weekend. One protester alleged that Pakistan's air force bombed Panjshir, which Pakistan has denied.

The Taliban launched volleys of bullets into the air to disperse the crowd, despite the group banning this action last week after several people were reportedly killed by celebratory aerial fire.

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