Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Giant panda at Madrid’s Aquarium Zoo gives birth to twins

Guardian, 07 Sep 2021
A pair of squawking, thrashing, bald and violently pink twins arrived in the world in Madrid on Sunday. Much to the relief of their mother and all those working to ensure the giant panda population continues to claw its way back from the brink.
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Madrid’s Zoo Aquarium announced the birth of the as-yet-unnamed cubs on Monday. The siblings are the fifth and sixth cubs born in the zoo to Hua Zui Ba, a female panda, and her partner, Bing Xing, who are on loan from China.

In an update on Tuesday, the zoo said the cubs had been weighed, clocking in at 0.171kg and 0.137kg respectively, and that their umbilical cords had been tied and disinfected.

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