Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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How are cryptocurrencies affecting people in El Salvador and Afghanistan?

DW, 08 Sep 2021
More than a thousand people marched in El Salvador's capital on Tuesday to protest the government's adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender in the country. Polls indicate that Salvadorians are wary of the volatile cryptocurrency, which can shed or gain hundreds of dollars in value overnight.

Many economists are worried how Bitcoin might affect El Salvador's economic stability. Despite the concerns, the central American country became the first in the world to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender on Tuesday. Government officials stated that no one will be forced to use the digital currency.
However, cryptocurrencies remain a thing of controversy - which includes the aim to use them to do good.

A group of Berlin based artists is to hold an online auction of digital art paid in cryptocurrency. The event raises funds to help human rights activists in Afghanistan who - after the Taliban takeover - are now fearing for their lives.


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