Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Taliban claim to have full control of Afghanistan, including Panjshir

DW, 07 Sep 2021
The Taliban say the war in Afghanistan is over. The Islamists on Monday claimed victory over opposition forces in the Panjshir Valley, the country's last province to elude their control. The leader of the resistance there, Ahmad Massoud, has called for a nationwide uprising against the Taliban.
The Taliban flag was raised atop the Panjshir Governor's office. Panjshir was the last Afghan province holding out against their rule. Now the Taliban claim they have achieved total victory.
A video posted on social media by the Taliban shows a man appearing to be one of their commanders. He's speaking to Panjshir residents - assuring them that civilians will not be hurt.
But the National Resistance Front - made up of militia fighters and former members of the Afghan army - rejected all claims that the Panjshir valley has fallen to Taliban forces. They have been fighting the Taliban in fierce battles in the mountainous region.
Their leader, Ahmad Massoud took to Twitter on Monday to counter speculation about his death.
The Taliban failed to take the Panjshir valley last time they ruled Afghanistan. Its seizure after only a few days fighting would be the final chapter in a comeback that has stunned the world.


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