Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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French Spiderman, “Three Musketeers” climb skyscraper

CA, 08 Sep 2021
French climber Alain Robert, known as the “French Spiderman,” climbed a skyscraper in the with three other climbers in the Paris business district of La Défense on Tuesday.

He picked the Total Energies tower, rising at 187 metres above the ground.

Robert has climbed countless skyscrapers and this was the 11th time he climbed this particular tower.

But this time around, three young climbers joined the 60-year-old athlete, who says he'll continue climbing until his body tells him to stop.

French climbers Leo Urban, Alexis Landot and Polish climber Marcin Banot – who dubbed themselves as the Three Musketeers for the occasion – are all experienced climbers. But this was a big first to do it with Robert, who is seen as a legend to them.

It took them around one hour to climb to the top where police were waiting. Robert is used to this, being scooped up by police at the top of a skyscraper and staying in custody for sometimes several hours afterwards.

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