Thursday, Sep 16, 2021
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Afghanistan crisis: Students "frustrated" by Taliban changes in education

CA, 09 Sep 2021
Afghan students returning to university classrooms this week were frustrated by the changes made to the educational system after the Taliban takeover.

Shiwa, one of the female students at Bayan University in Kabul, said on Wednesday the "new restrictions," including many that only apply to women, aim "to take us back to previous decades."

Umar, a teacher and the university's president, says the institution is trying to "accept these new instructions" and "encourage students to attend their classes."

What happens in universities and schools across the country will be closely watched by foreign powers for signs of what rights women will have now that the extremist militant group is back in charge.

Some Western countries have said vital aid and recognition of the Taliban would depend on how they ran the country, including their treatment of girls and women.

When it last ruled from 1996-2001, the group banned girls from school and women from university and work.

Despite assurances in recent weeks that women's rights would be honoured in accordance with Islamic law, it is unclear what that will mean in practice.

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