Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Watch again: MPs vote through Boris Johnson's plans to raise National Insurance

Telegraph, 09 Sep 2021
Boris Johnson raised taxes to their highest level since the Second World War on Tuesday, in a £36 billion move to reduce soaring NHS waiting lists and tackle the social care crisis.

In one of the biggest political gambles of his premiership, the Prime Minister abandoned two of his flagship manifesto pledges from the 2019 election to cover the new spending.

National Insurance will rise by 1.25 percentage points and retirees will no longer see their state pensions increase by average earnings this year, breaking explicit Tory promises.

National Insurance, which the Tories have previously described as a tax on jobs, will also be levied on employers, triggering warnings it could undermine Britain’s economic recovery.

A snap vote of MPs has been called on Wednesday to bounce potential rebels into backing the measure, with the possibility of an imminent reshuffle being left open to focus minds.

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