Thursday, Sep 16, 2021
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Canada election: Many voters still undecided as federal election approaches, poll shows

CA, 09 Sep 2021
Voters have less than two weeks to make up their minds in this year’s federal election, and a significant number of Canadians say they’re still undecided.

A new Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News found 13 per cent of those surveyed don’t know who they’ll be voting for on Sept. 20. The results show nearly half of these voters — 47 per cent — don’t like any of the parties, while 50 per cent say there shouldn’t be an election right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sean Simpson, vice president of Ipsos Public Affairs, says the biggest hurdle the parties face with these undecided voters will be to convince them to vote at all, while two undecided voters from across Canada share their opinions.

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