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Watch again: Boris Johnson at PMQs and Labour asks urgent question on racist abuse on social media

Telegraph, 14 Jul 2021
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MPs in the House of Commons have debated racist abuse on social media in the wake of the verbal attacks towards some of the England players.

Earlier, the Prime Minister took questions from MPs and Labour leader Keir Starmer as the Government has insisted Sadiq Khan's decision to require face masks on London public transport is in line with their policy.

The London Mayor announced that coverings would continue to be compulsory after July 19 as a “condition of carriage” on all TfL tubes, buses, trams, overground and automated light metro trains.

The Transport Secretary told Sky News: "This is very much what we anticipated, what we said would and should happen... If the conditions of carriage are that you must have a mask on, you must have a mask on."

However he insisted it was still in line with the move towards personal responsibility, saying that could apply to organisations equally as to individuals.

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