Saturday, Jul 31, 2021
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Caught in the coulees: Alberta photographer accidentally captures picture-perfect moment

CA, 16 Jul 2021
The sun was setting one Friday night, so Lethbridge photographer Robert Kruk went over to the High Level Bridge to snap some photos. He set up the shot, but then a couple walked into the frame.

“I was actually waiting for the couple to leave so I could get a nice shot of the bridge, and the fellow dropped on his knee, so it looked like a proposal,” said Kruk. “So I started clicking away.”

Kruk looked around, waiting for other people to come out and congratulate them, or a photographer to appear. But nothing happened. The couple just kept walking.

Kruk posted the photos and asked if anyone knew who the mystery couple in the photo was. It didn’t take long for local internet sleuths to jump on the case. Over 700 shares on Facebook later, the mystery couple was identified.

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