Wednesday, Aug 04, 2021
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Angela Merkel receives Johns Hopkins 'Doctorate of Humane Letters'

DW, 16 Jul 2021
German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a speech at Johns Hopkins University on Thursday as part of her likely last trip to the US as chancellor.
She went to the establishment, whose international notoriety increased during the coronavirus pandemic, to receive an honorary doctorate during most likely her last official visit to the United States as chancellor.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel focused in particular on the pandemic and the JHU's role in tracking cases worldwide during her acceptance speech at the university in Baltimore, near the capital. Merkel spoke of the "excellent work" done by the university during the pandemic. "This university has always dedicated itself to truth," she said. She said that the way the university teaches students to think independently was different to the way she was brought up in East Germany.

Early on Thursday, Merkel had breakfast with Vice President Kamala Harris and met other US officials before her university visit.


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