Monday, Aug 02, 2021
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US heat wave: Wildfire season could be the most destructive yet

DW, 14 Jul 2021
North America experiences soaring temperatures and ravaging wildfires. Authorities have imposed evacuations, road closures and limited train traffic as North America experiences severe temperatures. Heat warnings were issued for some cities, with record-breaking temperatures likely. Firefighters in the western US fought to contain wildfires amid soaring temperatures in northern California and surrounding regions. A rescue aircraft crashed into a wildfire in Mohave County, Arizona, killing the crew of two firefighters. The aircraft was performing monitoring the Cedar Basin Fire burning near Wikieup, the Arizona Bureau of Land Management told local broadcaster KHPO-TV. The Cedar Basin Fire, which has burned around 300 acres (1.2 square kilometers), was started by lightning. US authorities have deployed hundreds of firefighters and multiple planes in a bid to get the fires under control, but the blazes, fueled by winds and lack of moisture, have been raging on.

Parts of Canada and the US had seen similar extreme weather conditions just a few weeks ago in June. It was the hottest June in North America, according the European Union's climate monitoring service. The past six years have been the warmest on record. According to the World Meteorological Organization, there was a 40% chance of annual average global temperature temporarily surpassing 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial temperatures within the next five years.


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