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COVID surges across Asia: How are countries coping?

DW, 14 Jul 2021
South Korea is reporting an increase in coronavirus infections. For seven straight days, it has recorded more than 1,000 cases, mostly attributed to the Delta variant first identified in India. It has forced the government to impose its toughest restrictions yet.
In the capital Seoul, the center of the outbreak, nightclubs have been shut, new rules introduced in gyms and private gatherings limited to two people after 6 pm.
A third wave of COVID-19 in India is inevitable and imminent, according to the Indian Medical Association. In a letter to government leaders, the IMA called for strict curbs on mass gatherings for three more months, and ramped up vaccinations to mitigate the impact.
The WHO Director General has said the world's vaccine disparity is driven by greed. He has urged drug makers to prioritize vaccines for poor countries, rather than lobbying rich nations to buy booster shots.
In Thailand, health workers already vaccinated with two Chinese-made Sinovac jabs will now get an AstraZeneca booster. A study there has found that Sinovac was less effective in fighting the Delta variant.
That comes as Thailand imposes new restrictions in the midst of soaring cases. The number of deaths is also going up. One temple in a suburb of Bangkok is struggling to keep up with the demand for cremations. And it has also had to rethink the way it conducts its funeral services.


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