Friday, Jul 30, 2021
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How many COVID infections go unnoticed? | COVID-19 Special

DW, 14 Jul 2021
A German study has found more than forty percent of people infected with Covid don't even know. The rate is even higher among elderly people.

And what about Long Covid? Experts say symptoms of the chronic form of the virus may also go unidentified. That could include organ damage, making testing could be more important than ever.

Though Covid-19 was initially understood to be a largely respiratory illness from which most would recover within a few weeks, as the pandemic wore on increasing numbers of people reported experiencing symptoms for months on end. There is no consensus definition of the condition of these people who have symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to organ damage, let alone a standardized treatment plan. Covid-19 vaccines tend to alleviate the symptoms of long Covid, according to a large survey of more than 800 people that suggests mRNA vaccines, in particular, are beneficial.


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