Saturday, Jul 31, 2021
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Clare Smyth on becoming the first female British chef with three Michelin stars | Imposters Podcast

Telegraph, 20 Jul 2021
Have you ever felt like a fraud? That you don't belong in the room? That you could get found out at any moment? You're not alone. Each week on our new podcast, Imposters, The Telegraph's Women's Editor Claire Cohen meets a woman at the top of her game and finds out how she defeated imposter syndrome to get there.

As the first and only female chef to run a three Michelin star restaurant in the UK, Clare Smyth has set herself the very highest standards. But the pressure of maintaining those standards can be immense. She tells Claire Cohen how she deals with bad reviews, why she’s stopped shouting in the kitchen and what it’s really like working under Gordon Ramsay.

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