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Nightclubs reopen on 'Freedom Day' as clubbers return to dance floor for first time since March 2020

Telegraph, 19 Jul 2021
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Clubbers on Monday flocked to the first rule-free nightclubs since the pandemic began last year, dancing through the night and rejoicing in human interaction as England lifted most Covid-19 restrictions at midnight.

Beside the zest for fun, though, there was also clear concern about a wave of new cases - more than 50,000 per day across the United Kingdom.

Britain, which has one of the world's highest death tolls from Covid-19, is facing a new wave of cases, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson is lifting most restrictions in England in what some have dubbed "Freedom Day".

Epidemiologists are generally sceptical that lifting restrictions is the right thing to do, but many young British people have had enough of more than 1 1/2 years of lockdowns and say they crave a party.

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