Wednesday, Aug 04, 2021
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Boris Johnson: Nightclubs will ask for vaccine passport from end of September

Telegraph, 20 Jul 2021
Nightclubs and other venues with large crowds are set to be legally forced to adopt Covid passports from the end of September in a bid to drive up vaccine uptake among younger people.

In a reversal of his previous stance, Boris Johnson has become convinced that such virus status checks should be legally mandated for clubs, according to aides. This would most likely be done by showing the NHS app, which is being updated to show proof of status.

People who are exempted from getting the vaccine would not need to show such proof, according to a well-placed government source.

The end of September has been picked as the likely date because by the middle of that month everyone over the age of 18 in the UK should have been offered two doses of a Covid vaccine.

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