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Israeli Supreme Court to rule on Palestinian evictions in East Jerusalem

DW, 02 Aug 2021
Israel's Supreme Court is set to rule on whether Palestinian families can be evicted from their homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. It is the final hearing in a case that has dragged on for decades, which sparked protests and a new war with Hamas earlier this year.
Israeli settlers claim the land belongs to them, and a lower court in Israel ruled in their favor. As a last legal resort, the Palestinian families submitted a request for an appeal with the Israeli Supreme Court.
Chaim Silberstein says the land belonged to Jewish owners in the 19th century. He wants to re-establish a Jewish neighborhood here.
After the Israeli-Arab war in 1948, Sheikh Jarrah was taken over by Jordan, which offered housing there to displaced Palestinian families. Today, Israeli law prevents these families from claiming their lost properties in Israel.
Nearly every Friday, a protest in support of the families is held by a group of Israelis. The EU and other international organizations have expressed sharp criticism of the pending eviction. All eyes are now on Israel's Supreme Court and its decision.

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