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Beirut blast: What has changed during this year?

DW, 04 Aug 2021
Lebanon is marking the first anniversary of a massive explosion that ripped through the port of the capital Beirut. The blast killed more than 200 people, injured thousands and flattened large parts of the city - including shops, offices, and homes. The explosion was caused by tons of ammonium nitrate - a fertilizer, that had for years been improperly stored at the city's port. Much of what was destroyed is still yet to be rebuilt.

One year on, lawmakers and security officials are accused of negligence. Calls are growing for the Lebanese parliament to lift their immunity. Meanwhile, an investigation remains stalled - and families of the victims are still waiting for answers about why their loved ones had to die.

The problems facing the people of Lebanon, a year after the explosion, seem overwhelming. But as DW's special correspondent Rebecca Ritters reports now, there are also moments of hope - such as the birth of little baby George (10:13), who took his first breath just one hour after the deadly blast.


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