Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
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US COVID-19 hospitalizations reach record highs as Delta variant spreads

CA, 03 Aug 2021
The United States used to be one of the leading countries inoculating citizens when COVID-19 vaccines were first available. But now amid stagnating vaccination rates, the country is once again facing record-high COVID-19 hospitalizations in several states as the highly transmissible Delta variant keeps surging.

There are nearly 100 million unvaccinated Americans, and they also consist of a majority of those hospitalized with the virus. As Jackson Proskow reports, the dangerous variant is already hitting them hard, leaving some deeply regretting their hesitancy.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/8079947/us-hits-70-per-cent-vaccine-goal-delta-surge/

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