Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021
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Afghanistan faces a humanitarian crisis as 360,000 Afghans displaced this year night

BBC, 04 Aug 2021
An upsurge in insurgent violence has left the western backed-government in Afghanistan fighting for its life.

The situation in Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand Province where Britain fought its campaign, is still critical - with national forces limited to a small toehold.

Meanwhile the peace of the capital itself was shattered today with a bomb attack - believed to be targeted on the defence minister's home.

Babar Baloch, Global spokesperson for UNHCR - the UN’s refugee agency - tells Newsnight the worsening situation in Afghanistan has forced an estimated 360,000 from their homes since January - 60% of them children - bringing the total to 3.5 million.

Newsnight’s Emir Nader reports. Mark Urban is also joined by Afghan activist Mariam Wardak.

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