Monday, Oct 25, 2021
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Planet Normal: Why Boris Johnson's Conservative Party Conference speech just didn't cut it | Podcast

Telegraph, 07 Oct 2021
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It’s Tory Conference week and Liam Halligan is camped out in Manchester, surviving on stale sandwiches and a hotel minibar, to give Allison Pearson the inside track on the party's movers and shakers. The PM’s speech may have brought the laughs but both our hosts were left wanting more: no policy announcements, barely a mention of the pandemic, and ‘gaping holes’ in his arguments. Nul points from our co-pilots.

Joining them aboard the rocket this week is fellow Telegraph columnist, Philip Johnston, who has been to not one, not two but forty Conservative conferences. He tells Allison why he thinks politicians aren’t as talented as they once were, and ranks his favourite ever three MPs.

Also on the show: Allison brings a revealing update from George, our NHS insider, and Liam answers the all-important question: what is stagflation?

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