Monday, Oct 18, 2021
Focus on the big picture

What does the collapse of Merkel's CDU mean for Europe?

DW, 07 Oct 2021
More than a week since Germany's election, the momentum is clear. Germany's next government will most likely be a coalition of three parties: the Greens and the Free Democrats, led by a Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This is not written in stone just yet, but its likelihood is strengthened because Germany's conservatives are now weakened.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives look anemic after hemorrhaging an unprecendented numbers of voters at the ballot box. Last month's election results were the conservatives' worst ever. Voter behavior has changed here in Germany. Tonight, we focus on the consequences.

What does it mean for the driving power of the European Union when Germany's conservatives are no longer a political force to be reckoned with? How do you ease the existential worries at NATO or within the transatlantic world if Germany's conservatives are no longer a reliable partner with power?


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