Monday, Oct 18, 2021
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Was it worth it? Germany debates 20-year Afghanistan mission

DW, 06 Oct 2021
Six weeks after the Taliban take-over of Kabul, Afghanistan’s financial system is nearing a breaking point. The country remains cut off from its foreign reserves, as well as most outside aid, which once made up 70 % of government revenues. The Taliban have meanwhile imposed tight new capital controls. DW’s Nick Connolly has met with business-owners struggling to stay afloat amid unprecedented instability.

In Germany, the Defense Ministry is holding a debate, to see what lessons can be learned from the German army's 20-year mission in Afghanistan.

It's hoped that conclusions from the meeting will be helpful for other Bundeswehr missions. DW has a look at how Germany's involvement in Afghanistan unfolded.

00:00 Lessons learned from 20-year Afghanistan mission
03:23 Was the Afghanistan mission really worth it?
07:15 What can we expect from Afghanistan debate in Germany?
09:23 Capital controls push Afghan economy to edge


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