Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021
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La Palma volcano draws tourists eager to see it up close

DW, 10 Oct 2021
A new stream of lava has begun flowing from the volcano erupting on the Spanish island of La Palma. The lava is threatening to engulf more homes in addition to the hundreds that have already been damaged or destroyed. But while the volcano is posing a serious danger to lives and property, it's also attracting visitors to the island eager to see the spectacle of a volcano in action.
Thousands have fled from its destructive force, but others are attracted. The erupting Cumbre Vieja is now another tourist attraction on this holiday isle. Some have traveled to snap a selfie with an erupting volcano.
But many island residents are wishing for an end to the instability. Thousands have been forced to evacuate, some have lost everything.
Lava continues to devour properties. The moving molten mass has consumed more than a thousand buildings in the three weeks since eruptions began, setting fire to everything in its path.
Recent nights have seen fresh flows from the fiery mountain, as the unstable cone collapses and new fissures appear, sending rivers of magma in different directions.
Cumbre Vieja shows no sign of settling down.


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