Saturday, Oct 16, 2021
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Banned pesticides poison hundreds in Nigeria: Why is there still such a demand?

DW, 09 Oct 2021
The Nigerian government has revealed exclusively to DW that hundreds of people who died early last year from a mystery ailment in Benue State, had been poisoned by pesticides in a nearby river.
Over a few weeks, at least 270 people died and more fell ill after drinking the water, contaminated by the substance. The sale and use of this product have been illegal for years but, as DW correspondent Flourish Chukwurah found, it's still available in the market.

Over in Kenya, hazardous pesticides are used there on a massive scale. But many are not subject to any restrictions. Some farmers have been campaigning for such chemicals to be withdrawn from the market citing evidence that they are harmful to human health. But they're facing resistance from the agriculture industry.


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